Improve Your Academic Writing – 7 Simple Ways

If you are a student, then you most definitely know about academic writing. This is a very important skill that every student should have or acquire in their career as a student. You need the skill of academic writing In order to make it in the very competitive world of essay writing service. It is essential for you to pass your ideas very clearly and with power and grace.

Even the most prolific writers were born writing really crappy, it took consistent practice for them to get to where they are now. This is a skill that anyone can learn if they put their minds in it. A complete academic essay should give a solid thesis which can be debatable and it should be followed by relevant evidence either from your own research or from other sources

If you are looking forward to improving your academic writing skills, here is an article that will take you through 7 simple tips on how to get better.

Avoid plagiarizing your work.

There are some intellectual mistakes you can make in academic writing, one of the biggest mistake you can make is submitting another person’s content as yours. It is acceptable to maybe take a thing or two from another author’s content but do not just copy and paste the whole thing and pass it off as your own and not give any regards to the actual author.

Always make sure that you have written to the level of the intended audience

Normally, Academic writing is meant to be written for highly elite and well-informed people who already understand the basics of the topic you are writing about. The people who will be going through your work need not in-depth details like the introduction and lengthy explanations of the topic. It is highly advisable to take care of the main points of the topic you are writing about. Do not write too much off-topic information since it makes your essay make no sense.

Your essay should be clear and concise.

When you write an essay, the person reading should not have a hard time trying to figure out what you mean in your essay, basically, you need to write an essay that is clear and concise. There should not be any typos or spelling errors, to avoid these mistakes always proofread your work. To get the point better here is a video explaining it:

Understand and carefully analyze the topic before you start writing.

Before you start writing your essay, you need to understand what the question is trying to test. You should always have the main idea in your mind when you are writing the whole work so that when you write a sentence you can ask yourself if it is supporting the main idea of the question.

Make an outline of how your essay will be.

It is also advisable that before you start your essay to always have an outline of how your essay is going to look like, you need to have a draft of the points you are going to write about so that you can have them down in case you forget the point as you write on.

Do not put in so many literary cliches

Typically, academic writing is meant to educate, so putting in so much flowery language and using analogies and metaphors excessively may lessen the impact of the idea of the main topic. You should use simple language without so much blemish. You should also avoid including so many quotes in your paper.

You should have a proper introduction and conclusion.

The introduction and conclusion are very essential in your paper. Your essay should have a short paragraph briefing the readers what they should expect in the essay, and a short conclusion giving a final verdict on the topic.


The points mentioned above were derived after extensive research, so it is advisable to follow them if you want to improve your writing skills, on top of that.


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